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Education is what is left over, after you have forgotten the facts.

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comment on The Unemployment Experienc

Wow, Kitty, good job! It surely explains what The Unemployment Experience on LinkedIn is all about. I like that you put the quotes interspersed among the blog. Very poignant! I hope everyone reads it.

First of all, when you first become unemployed.......you do not believe that it could possibly happen to you. You do not believe that you will become one of those people you read about in the news who has tried everything, who is skilled and qualified, and yet gets continuously rejected for one reason or another.

So you apply to jobs, go to interviews, talk with recruiters. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months. Summer comes, winter comes and goes. You start to think there is something grossly and inherently wrong with you. You wonder what is that you are "missing" from the other people you know that have jobs? They don't seem more skilled or intelligent than you are. And yet you get the sense all the while those very people think they are "better" than you. Some might say it to your face, some don't, but you still know that's what they are thinking. You know it's not true.......and you start to see long-time friends and known family members in a completely different light. How can they hold something out of my control against me?

Again and again you tell yourself, there is nothing wrong with me. Being unemployed is not a disease. Until you reach a point of transcendence and you realize that you have worth as a human being, and you start to pity those people with jobs that regard you are less of person if you are unemployed. Because you realize those people actually "hate" their jobs and are actually "miserable" with their lives, but they will never truly understand why. But you are a better person for having been through this experience! When you eventually find something for work, your perspective is going to be completely changed about what a job is for your life. It won't be just a "job." It will be your "life" and you will excel at it. While those people who judged you will not have advanced spiritually in any way. Don't give up!!

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